Contract Law

We work on complex contractual agenda, even with an international element. We also effectively process the standard contract agenda.


Dispute resolution and Litigation

The dispute resolution and litigation agenda is an important part of our legal operation. We consistently defend the rights and goals of our clients.


M&A/Corporate Law

We provide business-oriented legal support for acquisition transactions. We provide legal certainty in corporate affairs.


Legal Support for Business Entities

We provide comprehensive legal support to business corporations and entrepreneurs from different industries. We know our clients and we are a solution to their legal issues.


Public Procurement

Public procurement and regulation is one of the key areas in which we provide highly specialized legal services.


IT Law and Intellectual Property

In the field of IT law we have expert knowledge and experience. We are enthusiastic about providing legal support for diverse IT projects and issues.


Real Estate and Construction Law

We provide comprehensive legal support to building companies and developers. We deal with all the legal matters relating to real estate.


Tax Law and Fiscal Law

We provide specialized legal advice in the field of tax law and fiscal law. We work closely with top tax experts.



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